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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I found recently threw the wonderful myspace.com a organization called buyblue.org which helps us consumers find companies which don’t donate to the campaigns of conservatives. In a nutshell don’t buy from any large multinationals. But the site gives stats for each company as well as info about their environmental, humanitarian, etc records. It's really cool, and lets all us leftists boycott the companies who support assholes like Bush, Delay, Garret (for those of you from NJ). Cause the republicans suck and we need to combat their machine on all fronts. So buy blue!


Big Brothers Best Freind

It has of late come to the attention of America that the people of the Untied States are being spied on. That any law abiding citizen can have their electronic communications sorted threw at the whim of the US government. Some say this is necessary to protect America in a "post 9/11 world". However I disagree.

Today we are loosing all that we hold dear. In our self righteous battle against terrorism we are loosing all that we are fighting to defend, in our fight against those who "hate freedom" we are loosing ours. In our age we have witnessed the rise of George Orwell’s nightmarish Big Brother, but in a far more insidious and vile form than he could have ever imagined. The thought police are more dangerous and cunning than he could have possibly imagined. How you ask? We are the nation of the free. Then why are we standing by as our president spies on you with out justification. When the intelligence community has systems which monitor every email you send, every phone call you make, every post I write. That is not freedom that is tyranny. The patriot act was the first step on the short road towards the loss of liberty. It made you just as vulnerable to arrest without a warrant as any terrorist, and before you know it, it will bring down free thinkers, as well as terrorists. The patriot act is the single greatest threat to liberty. Thankfully the arrogant bumbling of all the president’s men has caused it to lose favor with many Americans. But we haven’t won the last battle in defense of liberty. Their are going to be many more, and in the end the fight against those who "hate freedom" wont be fought in Afghanistan or Iraq, but in the halls of congress, and your courts.
If we allow fear of this "post 9/11 world" to shatter our liberty, the terrorists win…

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The War on Safe Sex

Alright so my school makes me take a class on sex ed. Its called CHAT and it generally sucks. Now the reason it sucks isn’t the subject matter, I'm sorry but if you were teaching a sex Ed class properly you'd get every pubescent boy for miles. The problem is the focus of these fucking classes! You go, you listen to a teacher drone on to how promiscuity causes aids and then you die. Ok its true there’s a possibility that you'll get AID's HIV Herpes Chlamydia, however you can tell us this a thousand god dam times it won’t cure the fact that teenagers are at the peek of their libido! So you know what tell us all you want about “Abstinence is the only 100% guarantied way to prevent pregnancy and STD's" but it doesn’t do shit since all us teenagers want to do is hump each other. We need to be careful but Abstinence sure as hell isn’t goanna fucking work! Give us free condoms? Now that's a start. Lots and lots of free condoms... now I cant get laid but assuming I could it would be nice if my schools "health center" had free condoms! That'd be nice. But I digress. The real point of this rant is that my school is far from alone its use of the phrase “is the only 100% guarantied way to prevent pregnancy and STD's” it’s part of a much larger movement on the national scale.

Preachers and politicians are now joining forces to combat the evils of teen pregnancy. How do they do this? Condoms and the pill right? Not quite. Many are choosing to follow a plan which pushes abstinence. The idea that you should only have humped one person, that person should be your spouse, and in most of the circles pushing this program that spouse should be a different gender than you. Who in their right mind came up with this plan? Well we can thank good old Texas for yet another policy connecting Americans with… the middle ages. According to The Christian Science Monitor "On Friday, two messages came through loud and clear as the (Texas) State Board of Education voted on a new list of approved health books: That abstinence should be taught without any textbook discussion of contraception. And that the books should be explicit about marriage as a union between a man and a woman." Wow can we say Christian Neo-Fascist Propaganda?

Oh and don’t worry it gets scarier...

Here's some wonderful acts by our wonderful fucking president... "President George W. Bush has said that he wants to raise federal spending on abstinence-only education next year by one-third, to $135 million. To get the money, states would have to teach abstinence - and only abstinence - in public school sex education classes." Courtesy of Religion Link (http://www.religionlink.org/tip_020318c.php) So the Federal government is blatantly pushing policies which directly violate separation of church and state?

In many states there is an organization called True Love Waits. Which along with the traditional “Christian” message of gay marriage is a sin, and premarital sex sends you to hell teaches that there is no such thing as “safe” sex.

So what is this telling us? We’ve all heard fox news anchors bitch about the war on Christmas. But ladies and gentlemen I present a new war. The war on birth control and this one isn’t coming from outside Americas “heartland”, its coming from inside our churches and our boards of education.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh yes!

By the way before this high powered day of bloging comes to an end. I would like to send all you nonexistent readers a bit of info.
A friend recently told me about a neat site its url is http://www.diy-auction.com/ which has neat diy stuff (yea yea I know no shit...)

Konfabulator is a neat program for managing "widgets" its neat I have it and really like it http://www.konfabulator.com/

Open office is free programs on a par with (or better than) Microsoft’s office products.

Oh yes!

By the way before this high powered day of bloging comes to an end. I would like to send all you nonexistent readers a bit of info.
A friend recently told me about a neat site its url is www.diy-auction.com which has neat diy stuff (yea yea I know no shit...)

Konfabulator is a neat program for managing "widgets" its neat I have it and really like it www.konfabulator.com

Open office is free programs on a par with (or better than) Microsoft’s office products.

That's all for now enjoy and hope to see yall soon.

I wasnt gonna post so much today but the god dam tech people are keeping me from saving stuff right now so... I'll have to figure out why that's happening.

More adverse possession shit

What is adverse possession?Traditional common law provided a method for someone to obtain title to land through use. The common law rules for adverse possession have been codified under both federal and state statutes. A typical statute allows a person to get title to land from the actual owner simply by using the land, out in the open for all to see. For example, your neighbor built a fence on your land with the intention of taking the property, paid property taxes, and you knew about it but did nothing. If this continued for a period of time set by state law, your neighbor may be able to claim this property as his/her own. The theory is that, by not disputing your neighbor’s use of your property through a lawsuit, you, as the actual owner have abandoned your rights to the property. There are several elements needed for adverse possession to result in title: The length of time required for adverse possession in title varies - it could be as short as a few years or could run for twenty years or more. Typically public entities must establish a longer period of possession than individuals. Some states have adopted a rule which requires the adverse possessor to pay taxes each year on the land. The possession must be open for all to see. The possession must be exclusive to him or her (e.g., the fence in the above example, a driveway, road, etc.) The possession must be hostile to the actual owner of the land. To gain title to land through adverse possession requires strict compliance with the law, but can have dramatic impact upon land ownership rights. An encroachment could result in title to your property being transferred to an adverse possessor. Under these circumstances, you might have to bring a lawsuit for trespass in order to prevent your neighbor from getting title to your land through adverse possession. If you own land, it is important that you do not "sleep on your rights" since you could lose ownership of the land.

from some website its not mine... so don’t call me a plagiarist
were is that link... oh here's that son of a bitch ok so that some one doesn’t come along and sue my ass http://real-estate-law.freeadvice.com/adverse_possession.htm

What the fuck?

Ok lets get this right out of the way. I'm from New Jersey. Now being that we're the state of the Turnpike, Jimmy Hoffa’s corpse, over the top attitude, suicidal commuters, and one of the most poorly conceived urban wastelands to date I'm pretty darn proud of my state. We're the only state to have our governor announce that he's a homosexual and he's been promoting his boyfriends to high government offices and then resign in disgrace. We're the setting for the Sopranos (a cool fucking TV show for you unsophisticated people out their) and we're really really polluted. Now that makes one hell of a tough state, and a really cool one. I love New Jersey. But now I've got a bit of a problem with my states legal code. Ok well I don’t have a problem. No I didn’t get arrested. You see in order to claim land under "adverse possession" you have to occupy a piece of land for THIRTY YEARS! Ok now let’s be honest people, all the pollution, mobsters, and insane drivers you’re lucky if you live thirty years! Who the hell is going to hold on to some land for thirty years! Hell as a guy who loves free shit I love the idea of adverse possession. If you’re using it then you get it! It just makes sense. But apparently the laws in NJ are so fucked up that if I want the unused lot next to my house I need to erect a thirty foot chain link fence that says "Zach's Land" for and keep it up for thirty years, and pray to god almighty than in December of year twenty fucking nine that the owners long lost relative doesn’t show up and tell me to pack up! For Christ’s sake give me a break. You hold land for ten years you should get it! Thirty years; what the fuck?

Welcome to Squatters Rights!

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